StarGate 18'' - 20'' SynScan

Download   19-10-2019  |  SynScan GOTO Mount

SynScan V4 Hand Controller, Version 4.39.04

What's new in this update? 1. A "Solar Track Mode" is added in the UTILITY menu. To use this new function: 1) Polar align the equatorial mount or level the base of the Alt-Az mount. 2) Finish the initialization on SynScan. No alignment is needed. 3) Activate "Solar Track Mode." Now the mount will start working at solar tracking speed until exiting the "Solar Track Mode". 4) Center the Sun in FOV with SynScan hand controller. 5) Start observing. Warning: Your telescope must be capable of observing the Sun safely.
Download   Size: 1.23 MB  |  21-02-2018  |  SynScan Hand Control and SynScan App