Virtuoso P114
Multi-Purpose Mounts
Product Features


  • Freedom Find (dual-encoder) on each axis allows manual movement without losing alignment and positional information

  • Track night sky objects once properly aligned 

  • Camera & video cruising allows you to record panning video with up  to six programmable stopping points

  • Panoramic/Wide-angle photography

  • The mount can control a DSLR camera to take long distance panoramas up to 360°.

  • Video Cruising

  • The mount can automatically move your video camera through up to 6 preset positions without any pause. Up to 5 speeds can be selected in this mode

  • Take photographs automatically with your DSLR at up to 6 preset positions. The mount will stop at each predetermined position and automatically trigger the    camera’s shutter release. 

  • Solar filter and solar finder included for safe viewing of the Sun

  • The Virtuoso™ mount can be upgraded to Go-To by purchasing an AZ Synscan™ handset and cable, allowing 42,900+ night sky objects to be automatically found from its extensive database.

"This plucky little machine has a wonderful can-do attitude, being both optically and mechanically very sound." 

Review in Astronomy Now by Steve Ringwood (Read Full Review)

Tripod Height 40cm 
Tracking Rates Sidereal Rate 
Mount Type Altitude/Azimuth 
Slow Motion Control Motorized 
Motor Drive DC Servo Motors, Driving Resolution 2.42 arc sec 
GOTO System Optional (AZ Synscan controller is compatible) 
Tripod Weight 4kg 
Shipping Weight 8 kg 
Shipping Dimensions 37x34x59 cm3 
Power Supply 8x AA battery / Specified at 12VDC/600mA. 5V~14V(Absolute Maximum Rating)/600mA Acceptable. 
Payload Capacity 4 kg 
Tracking Modes Altitude/Azimuth 
Slewing Speed 12 Degree/Second @ 12V Power Supply