Star Adventurer GTi
Multi-Purpose Mounts
  • Payload: 11 lb
  • Self-weight:  5.7 lb
  • Counterweight:  5 lb(1 Incl., 1 Opt.) 1.3 lb, Dual-Tilt, Removable Rod
  • Polar Scope:  Built in polar scope with illuminator
  • Latitude Range: 0 to 70 Degree
  • Connectivity: Hand Controller, USB, Wi-Fi  Autoguider, DSLR
  • Controller:  SynScan Pro App (Android/iOS/PC) SynScan Hand Controller (Opt.)
  • Power:  DC 12V or 8-AA Batteries
  • Compatible with 3/8"camera tripod thread 
Product Features

Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer GTi is user-friendly and provides various combinations to satisfy all you needs for astrophotography, It is a high precision, GOTO fast star finding, stable astrophotography bracket. It is Small and is the best choice for astronomy enthusiasts to travel, astronomical photography and observation.


Power Supply DC 12V or 8-AA Batteries 
Payload Capacity 11 lb 
Self-weight 5.7 lb 
Counterweight 5 lb(1 Incl., 1 Opt.) 1.3 lb, Dual-Tilt, Removable Rod 
Polar Scope Built-in, Illuminated 
Latitude Range 0 to 70 Degree 
Connectivity Hand Controller, USB, Wi-Fi Autoguider, DSLR 
Controller SynScan Pro App (Android/iOS/PC) SynScan Hand Controller (Opt.)